Dinaric Rally
Roadbook Boot camp

30 April – 6 May, 2023

Roadbook Rally training on the Dinaric Rally stages

The Dinaric bootcamp is a professionally organized 7 day training program of rally riding using roadbook navigation. The training imitates an actual cross-country rally and includes all of the typical services (safety, vehicle recovery, tracking etc.)., professionally designed roadbooks, bivouac and rally training briefings. The most significant difference of course being that the Rally Bootcamp is a training course and not a competition.

1500 km of long grueling stages, roadbook navigation, meeting fellow riders… It has it all!


The goal of the Untamed Bootcamp is to make you a better, more complete rider.

People who have never taken part in a rally will be able to do so after completing this training course. “Which rally?”, you ask. The Dinaric of course and any other cross-country rally!

Riders who have already taken part in some rallies will be able to polish their skills, learn the tricks of the trade of handling and navigating using roadbooks and will surely be able to improve their results on future rallies.


The Dinaric Rally Roadbook Bootcamp 2023 will be held on the magnificent stages of the 2022 edition of the Dinaric Rally using the same roadbooks. The riders will tackle five long stages and learn how to handle anything that a rally like the Dinaric (or any other rally) can throw at them.

The Dinaric Alps (also known as the Dinarides), where the Bootcamp takes place, are one of the most untamed and diverse mountain ranges in Europe. The dynamic tempo of the training and the constant change in scenery will surely quench your thirst for adventure.

Who is it for?

All riders and bikes are welcome to the Bootcamp! However you have to have experience in off-road riding and your bike needs to be prepped to handle the tough terrain (tyres, tank, suspension etc.)

Pre-training for the beginners

For riders who have no previous experience with roadbook navigation and wish to learn the most important things quickly, we have organized special lectures and a pre-training with instructors on the field.
This pre-training will be held one day before the actual Bootcamp and you need to apply especially for it when registering for the Bootcamp.

The topics of the lectures during the pre-training are: reading roadbooks, roadbook symbols (FIM standard), small but extremely useful tricks of the trade that make navigating / reading a roadbook easier and hence safer. In the practical part we go through everything; installing the roadbook equipment and we analyze all of the other navigational equipment (paper vs. digital roadbook, tripmaster, roadbook devices, tracking devices etc.)
There is an additional fee (100 €) for the Pre-training course.

Roadbook Navigation

The riders will receive a digital (.pdf) or paper Roadbook according to their preferences. The participants are responsible for the roadbook reader and its functioning during and after the Bootcamp.

All of the participants must have a functioning cell phone and a reliable gps navigation device. Phones can be used for this purpose.

GPS Navigation

For those who wish to use a GPS device as their main navigation device, we have prepared GPS tracks and waypoints.

Only certain Garmin GPS devices can be used for this purpose. You will receive all of the information concerning this via email. Participants who use GPS navigation will receive all of the support as if they were taking part in the roadbook navigation training.


Everyone who has taken part in the Dinaric knows it, safety is our nr. 1 priority. Everything at the Bootcamp, from the tracking devices to our ever-ready and super capable rescue teams, are at your disposal so that you can focus on what’s most important; the riding.


Just like at the Dinaric, all bikes taking part in the Bootcamp will have to pass technical scrutineering.

All bikes must be street legal, the tires must be attested, and all riders must have a valid driver’s license.

During the technical inspection, the sound (decibels) of the exhaust will be tested and any other things to see that all components of the bike are in accordance with the technical regulations.


There will be no need for some special prep of your bike for the installation of the tracking devices, however they will need to be attached to the bike’s battery. The riders will be in charge of this and our team will check the functioning of the device before the start and during the training if needed.

Live tracking app

All of the tracking data including precise location, speed etc. of each rider will be available live on our web / mobile app.

All of the tracking data including precise location, speed etc. of each rider will be available live on our web / mobile app.


A workshop will be set up in the bivouac where all riders will be able to service their bikes.

Various Rally Support agencies will be present in the bivouac and the riders will be able to use these to service their bikes for a certain fee. They will also be able to purchase spare tires and bike parts here.

Food and drinks

Food and drinks will be available in the bivouac. The riders will be able to sign up for breakfast and dinner in a restaurant within the bivouac.


All participants will be able to sleep in tents or in a building within the bivouac. Accommodation will also be available in nearby private apartments.

Detailed information

The riders / participants will receive all important information on their email once they have registered and paid the entry fee. This info will be sent periodically when there is new info to communicate.


All of the official communication about the Roadbook Rally Bootcamp is in English and will be done via email. All important info will be communicated with the riders via email and the most important updates will be posted on our official pages as well as social media (FB and Instagram)

You will learn

  • Roadbook Navigation
  • Everything you need to know to attend and race in a Roadbook Rally
  • Most important strategies and many practical tricks every Rally rider should know before he/she enters his first rally


7 days / 5 Rally stages


Knin and Dinaric Mountains

The logistic base of the Boot camp is in Knin. Each day we go out for the training and return to the base afterwards. The training itself takes place in the beautiful mountainous outback that surrounds the city of Knin.

Important info

There is a possibility of renting a limited number of motorbikes. If you are in need of a motorcycle, please make sure to mention it in your application.

Protective equipment/clothing is a must!

Paper or digital roadbook possible

  • Botcamp entry package
  • roadbook (paper and digital)
  • support vehicles / teams
  • safety vehicles / teams
  • educational materials
  • finisher’s medal
  • 10% discount for other UNTAMED training
  • pretraining – €100
  • motorcycle – limited number of rally ready bikes availible to rent. 
  • tracking device (6 days) – €100
  • accommodation (6 nights, breakfast) options
    • shared twin room – €280
    • single room – €350
  • personal devices (GPS navigation devices, device(s) holder)
  • personal riding equipment (helmet, clothing, protectors …)
  • anything else not listed as included
  • fully equipped KTM 450 / 350 EXC rent – €1050
  • non-riders / family / support / personal fee – €350 (shared twin room)



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