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ADV Training

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Your once-in-a-lifetime moto Adventure starts here!

Orientation, navigation, mechanics, first aid, outdoor survival, history, culture, communication skills… are just some of the necessary skills and knowledge that a rider on demanding ADV tours must-have. Riding experience and skills can be gathered along the way, however, the success of an RTW (Roud-The-World) expedition often depends on good preparation before you leave for your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.
When motorcycle riding turns into “life on a motorcycle”, even the smallest details missed during the preparation can play a vital role on the outcome of this epic undertaking.

UNTAMED adventure riding training is conceived as a systematic and gradual gaining of the most important knowledge and skills that an ADV rider must have. Our training is excellent preparation for even the most demanding ADV and RTW tours!

The program is divided into three parts: Basic, Advanced and Expert ADV training. 

You will learn

  • preparation and planning of a long ADV tour
  • road safety
  • camping basics 
  • outdoor living and wilderness survival basics
  • first aid, rescue and self-rescue
  • pulling yourself and a motorcycle out of the mud, a ditch, a river and the like
  • the most important skills of diagnostics and mechanics
  • solving the most usual problems along the way
  • crisis management
  • crossing or getting a motorbike over the most common “obstacles” on the way

Want to quickly learn all you need to know about ADV riding?
Want to go on a long ADV tour but you lack experience?
You’ve ridden long tours but would like to fill in some gaps in your riding knowledge and experience?
You’ve never camped in the wilderness and have no idea how to survive days away from civilization?

This training has been carefully designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills for self-sustainable ADV riding and a long, independent stay in remote areas and the great outdoors.

Training contains

  • Motorcycle preparation and adjustment
  • Packing yourself (and the bike) for long ADV tours
  • Offroad riding training
  • ADV riding training
  • Advanced level of motorcycle adventuring
  • Advanced mechanics
  • Wilderness camping in extreme conditions (a night in tent)
  • Food preparation and wilderness camping
  • Pulling yourself and the motorcycle out of a ditch, mud and river
  • Personal equipment and tools for ADV expediting
  • First aid and rescue
  • Rescue and self-rescue using rock climbing techniques


  • to gaing advanced knowledge of ADV riding
  • to practice techniques and skills related to:
    • safety
    • mechanics
    • camping
    • wilderness living
    • rescue and self-rescue
  • to learn all about preparing for even the most demanding ADV expeditions
  • to prepare yourself, your motorcycle and equipment for ADV expeditions
  • get prepared to stay in the wild in extreme (weather and other) conditions


    4 days

    Training lasts four full days in row.

    • 10 hours of lectures (indoor and outdoor)
    • 28+ hours of comprehensive ADVENTURE riding training


    Knin and Dinaric Mountains

    The logistic base of the training is in Knin. Each day we go out for the training and return to the base afterwards. The training itself takes place in the beautiful mountainous outback that surrounds the city of Knin.


    There is a possibility of renting a limited number of motorbikes. If you are in need of a motorcycle, please make sure to mention it in your application.
    Protective equipment/clothing is a must!


    from € 620