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About the program

This program is designed  for newbies and riders who do not have that much off-road riding knowledge or experience, as well as for all you talented riders out there with enough offroad experience but who want to learn a lot more, in way less time.

Maybe you do have some offroad experience or maybe you’ve already finished one of our previous trainings?
Perhaps you are getting ready to go on a long tour, and you wish to prepare yourself to face different types of terrain.
Or maybe you just don’t have enough time anymore for the painful and slow process of learning alone, one wheel-spin at a time?

You will learn

  • The necessary preparation and adjustment of motorcycles for challenging offroad rides
  • The basics of offroad riding
  • How to get your motorcycles over various obstacles
  • How to fall of a motorcycle
  • How to lift up your motorcycle after a tumble 
  • Correct body posture in various riding situations
  • Contents

    Preparing and adjusting your motorcycle
    2 hour
    The basics of offroading (theory)
    2 hour
    Offroad riding training
    28 hours


    • to learn the basics of off-roading:
      • adjusting and preparing your motorcycle
      • how to fall of your motorcycle
      • how to lift up your motorcycle
      • how to cross or to get over obstacles
      •  proper body posture/position for off-road riding
    • to learn advanced techniques of offroading
    • to practice and perfect riding in different conditions and on different types of terrain
    • to learn how to get over some tricky but common obstacles


    4 days

    The training lasts 4 days.
    4 x 45 min lectures (outdoors).
    28 hours of offroad riding.


    Knin and Dinaric Mountains

    The logistic base of the Boot camp is in Knin. Each day we go out for the training and return to the base afterwards. The training itself takes place in the beautiful mountainous outback that surrounds the city of Knin.


    There is a possibility of renting a limited number of motorbikes. If you are in need of a motorcycle, please make sure to mention it in your application.
    Protective equipment/clothing is a must!


    from € 480