Ride like a pro!

Learn how to ride a roadbook rally
or get ready for the most challenging ADV expeditions.

  • Looking for the best (and shortest) way to perfect your riding skill?
  • Preparing for Roadbok Rally or RTW motorcycle expedition?
  • Collecting the experience one wheelspin at the time never really worked for you?
  • You need a broad, 100% useful and applicable riding experience and you need it now?

Whether you are a complete beginner or you just want to expand your knowledge (and experience) we certainly have something for you!

UNTAMED trainings are designed according to these educational principles and goals:

  • Safety first
  • Experiential learning
  • Adaptive learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Individual goals
  • Internal motivation


All our instructors are excellent riders with thousands of kilometers of experience but not less important, with a bent for pedagogy too!

Enthusiasm, friendlines, communication, simplicity and equality are encouraged and appreciated at all UNTAMED trainings.

Navigation, mechanics, nature survival… we pay great attention to all those things that you will never get far away without


Our motto is experiential learning. Our training is run far away from civilization, in great wilderness, in natural world full of challenges and tricky moments.

Lika and Dalmatinska Zagora areas in Croatia are the most common locations of our trainings, however, other locations are possible with customized trainings.

However, safety always comes first and all our trainings are run in controlled environment.


Accommodation on all of our trainings have been carefully planned so that riders can have a good rest after sometimes demanding day. However, we always try to make accommodation be more than just that – an accommodation, but unforgetable experience too.

Note: at weekend trainings, only one night is included in the price (Saturday / Sunday) . It is possible to add more nights, with prior notice.


The whole idea of starting the UNTAMED Riding Academy was born because there is nothing like it anywhere in the wide region.
A lot of riders are looking for a systematic and practical training, with good instructors, where they can gain valuable knowledge and riding experience, but also all those skills that are crutial for safe riding, racing or world exploration.

Our trainings are designed to hit the core of the problem and suit almost all riders, from off-road newbies, over out-of-shape riding veterans to the active riders who just need to fill some holes in their knowledge and/or experience.

All the trainings are based on experiential learning, ie the principle that the rider must get the most out of every meter ridden.
Every rider who pass through all our trainings collects up to 2,000 kilometers of precious experience!


We rarely stay indors. Same like riding training, almost all our lectures take place on the terrain.
GPS training though, in the part related to the installation of software, tracks editing, maps installing and the like, takes place indoors.

We avoid the “ex cathedra” approach. We always tend to have an individual approach and encourage dialogue, exchange of experiences, joint and experiential learning.


UNTAMED training is tailored so that all riders and all bikes are equally welcome. We adapt and we strongly believe that the differences are precious and that diferences are what one can learn the most from. Quite ofter, on our training, we have both: hard enduro and big ADV bikes at the same time.

Most riders come to training with their own motorbikes. This is what we encourage. However we can also provide a limited number of motorcycles for the training.

If you are interested in renting a motorcycle, it is important to mention this when you apply for the training.


Individualism is nurtured in our trainings, but (you guess? 🙂 ), safety comes first. All riders must wear protective equipment / clothing throughout the training, while on the terrain.

We believe that riders know the best which type of protection is best for them, however, if necessary, we are pleased to advise less experience riders.

For our training, regardless of your habits and usual riding style, we strongly recommend:

  • mx / enduro boots (ie solid, plastic boots, regardless of water resistance)
  • full face enduro helmet + googles
  • lightweight gloves with protectors
  • protectors for: neck, spine, chest, ribs, shoulders, elbows, hips, back, thighs, knees. Preferably all the items should be separate so they can ba worn under or over clothing.


All the necessary tools are provided for repairing and maintenance training. However, a tool specific to a particular brand or model of your own vehicle, especially when it comes to rare or latest models, the rider should bring / provide personally.

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