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Dinaric Rally Tracking and Safety Devices

Brief description

Contemporary rallies are unimaginable without “additional devices” that ensure orientation, navigation, and most importantly, safety. Different rallies have developed various tracking and safety systems, or use different IT and other services and devices.

Our tracking and safety device(s) has been carefully chosen and/or developed to meet specific needs of our “Safety System” and needs of our riders, considering the terrain that dominates the Dinaric Alps and taking into account various scenarios we experienced as well as inputs / reviews of numerous riders during the previous Dinaric Rally’s editions.

These are the most important criteria that we adhered to during the development of our tracking and safety system(s):

  1. Safety is no.1 priority. The devices should also serve for timing/scoring purposes.
  2. The tracking / safety device is an addition to Safety System and must not be mistaken with Safety System itself. Safety system is complex system that contains numerous elements including: Safety Crew (that is experiences, skilled, equiped and prepared and knows the area well), Safety Plan(s), Safety Equipment, Safety Vechicles… which are all necessery for flowless functioning of the system even if technology fails. 
  3. The devices we / riders use must be extremely user-friendly, and riders should intuitively grasp its operation.
  4. Easy mounting and straightforward maintenance/service are essential features.
  5. The device must be reliable and sturdy.
  6. The roadbook holds paramount importance as the “primary navigational device” during Rally Raid, as it is the sole repository of all vital information, including safety-related details. Therefore, during the rally racing, riders must focus their attention on “reading the terrain” and consulting the Roadbook. The tracking/safety device should complement safety aspects and should not be designed in a way that diverts the rider’s attention from the Roadbook. Its purpose is to enhance safety without compromising the crucial role of the Roadbook in guiding the riders through the rally course.
  7. The device must include the most vital and essential functionalities found in other standard rally devices.
  8. It should be priced more affordably for amateur riders.
  9. The device must be customized to suit the unique characteristics of the Dinaric Rally and navigation in the karst terrain of the Dinaric Alps.

Devices we use in out training

Over the years, we have continuously endeavored to enhance our safety system, which also involves certain upgrades to the devices/services encompassed by this system. For timing/scoring and safety (tracking and safety) in 2024, at the Dinaric Rally (and our other events and rallies), the following will be used:

  1. UNTAMED tracking device
  2. Terra Pirata – Rally Roadbooks App 

Rent of the device(s)

  • Rent of the tracking device is free of charge for all the training. 
  • Deposit of 100 eur for case of broken or lost device

Safety and Tracking devices

Main characteristics

1. Warning / informing riders, audio-visually (display + buzzer) about:
  • Danger 3 (!!!) – The device will warn the riders, audio-visually, each time they are approaching Danger 3 (safety waypoint).
  • Speeding – the device will warn the riders, audio-visually, each time they are riding over speed limit
  • Start / FInish of the neutralization(s) – the device announce the riders when they get to the Start and Finish (Geo locations) of the neutralizations.
  • Waypoint clearing – riders will be informed, audio-visually each time they get into the radios of any waypoint set on the track
  • Out of time limit – the device will warn the riders, audio-visually, when / if they reach OTL
  • other alerts
2. Live tracking application

Free, public live tracking application will be availible during the rally. Link for a live tracking will be send after all the riders will be registered for the rally.

3. Simple installation

Connect the device to the battery and fix it with zip ties. You only need quick connectors and a piece of electrical wire + fuse.


All three devices are already connected with each other.

There will be 2 x MALE (power and ground) connectors already installed on the trackers.

Riders have to prepare the wires and connectors / terminals to connect the trackers to the Battery.

All three devices are light and small. To attach the devices (tracker, display and buzzer to the vehicle, Zip Ties are everything you need.


  • 1 m (or longer) of electric wire (Ground and Power)
  • 6.3 x 0.8. insulated FEMALE connectors / terminals
  • 5A fuse, installed on Power wire
  • Zip Ties (good quality)

Riders have to prepare everything as per scheme below: