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Rally ROADBOOK Training

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Comprehensive Roadbook Rally Training

The training is focused on rally racing. If you apply for this training we assume that you already have enough experience in offroad riding and that you want to practice roadbook riding and/or prepare for your first rally.

In theory, we go deep into everything important for a rally rider, and in practice, we train roadbook riding as well as all other specifics of rally riding – to the point of exhaustion. :).

Upon completion of this program, you will learn everything you need to know about rally riding and in addition to this you will collect a lot of kilometres navigated by roadbook!

It’s your choice if you want to ride on a paper or an electronic roadbook. Whatever you chose, implies that your motorbike is already equipped with all the necessary equipment.

It is possible, with mandatory prior notice, to rent a roadbook holder for a paper roadbook. 

The program consists of 4 days.

Training contents

Preparing and adjusting a motorcycle for a rally
6 hours
Lecture: the basics of rally riding navigated by a roadbook
4 hours
Practising roadbook rally riding
26 + hours

Training Goal

To learn to navigate by a roadbook. To get familiar with using the tripmasters and other most important roadbook navigation equipment. To learn most important roadbook symbols and rally lingo. To enter the beautifull world or rally racing!

You will learn

  • How to ride a roadbook rally
  • Everything you need to know before you enter your first roadbook rally


4 days

Training lasts four full days in row.

  • 10 hours of lectures (indoor and outdoor)
  • 26+ hours of roadbook riding training


Knin and Dinaric Mountains

The logistic base of the training is in Knin. Each day we go out for the training and return to the base afterwards. The training itself takes place in the beautiful mountainous outback that surrounds the city of Knin.


There is a possibility of renting a limited number of motorbikes. If you are in need of a motorcycle, please make sure to mention it in your application.
Protective equipment/clothing is a must!


from € 480