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(There are a lot more of “Us” behind the scenes!)


Luka Mišković
Crew - Luka

Omnicompetent local fixer, safety, guide, instructor.

The next mayor of the city of Knin.


Marko Erceg
Marko Erceg

Safety guy, mech, guide.

Philosopher without a portfolio. Head of our grumbling department.


Berislav Herceg
Crew - Bero

Guide, lecturer, motivational speaker…

Able to squeeze 48 hours out of a 24 hour day. Autochthonous descendant of the Neolithic Dinaric race.


Simon Marčić
Simon Marčić

Instructor, lecturer, guide.

Dakar 2021 36th place bike, 5th in Malle Moto Category.

It is still unclear why he has decided to hang out with us but, hey,  we’re not complaining.


Igor Švedić
Crew - Igor Švedić

Instructor, lecturer, guide, tracker.

Experienced offroader, rally addict, scout, tracker, salsa dancer. Ergo, local heart-breaker.  


Oriol Ondategui Sánchez
Oriol Ondategui Sánchez

…Felipe Cayetano Lopez Martinez and Gonzales.

Guide, lecturer, instructor.

Has recently become a father. He is set to be back in the year 2041.


Tomislav Črgar
Tomislav Črgar

The Right Hand of the UNTAMED.

He’s probably the only one among us who remains composed when things go haywire. He has bailed us out on countless occasions, saving our skins. He left a high-ranking position in a reputable IT company to fulfill the inner adventurer within him.


Perica Matijević
Crew - Perica Matijević

Head of UNTAMED.

Has a clear vision about the future of the Dinaric that is often blurry to everyone else.


Zadravečka 11,
10040 Zagreb

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